Comentarios de los clientes

Jaw joint pain for about 10 years and neck and shoulder pain for 25 years.

"For me, it made a huge difference. (...) I have not had any migraines since the treatment. I still have a little way to go on the road to complete recovery with my jaw joint but I am really confident that the Atlas treatment was the right one for me and I feel hugely better".

Kathryn have had a jaw joint pain for about 10 years as well as neck and shoulder pain for 25 years. Those problems started after Kathryn had her wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic. She knew from her Podiatrist and Chiropractor that she was misaligned. She had the Atlas treatment and she immediately felt that things were quite a bit looser. In the following weeks, she saw her podiatrist who confirmed that the orthotics she was wearing were no longer right for her, she was more even and the discrepancy in leg length was corrected. For the first time, her Chiropractor confirmed she didn't need to manipulate the joints in her neck because everything felt a little bit looser.