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Since muscles and fascia play the major part in realigning the atlas, it's logic that any therapy or method neglecting these impacts is not capable of either realigning the first cervical vertebra, nor doing so permanently.

AtlasPROfilax® is the original method to realign the atlas and correct its position in a sustainable way by means of a neuromuscular massage of the short neck muscles. No additional treatment of muscles before the treatment is required either.

The AtlasPROfilax method relies on vibration, pressure and time to relax all the tissues around the atlanto-occipital joint and gently re-align the atlas vertebra into its natural position. We don’t believe in a quick rotation of the joint or vertebra resulting in a popping or cracking sound.

Research suggests that the vast majority of the population suffers from a mis-aligned atlas vertebra. So, it is quite likely that this also applies to you. The AtlasPROfilax method helps with a long list of health benefits and is especially effective for headaches, migraines, back-pains. Please read the whole list of health-benefits here.

The feedback of our clients based on their experience with the AtlasPROfilax® method is very important and helpful. It shows the manifold subjects, symptoms and ailments that can be addressed by our sustainable atlas realignment technique. These testimonials also describe and document immediate, mid-term as well as long-term effects in an authentic way.

You can find an Atlasprof in your area in our official web directory, where you have a world map and different search options to find a certified practitioner nearby.

Only Atlasprofs who are listed in the official directory of www.atlasprofilax.ch (as well as in the directory of connected and official national, regional or continental websites) are working according to the ethics, rules and prerequisites set by the authorized training providers and the International Association of Qualified Atlasprof®s (IAQA). Each Atlasprof® has to undergo an annual Quality Control and has committed himself/herself to work according to the regulations of the above-mentioned institutions as well as to according contractual obligations.


It is not easy to shortly explain the AtlasPROfilax method. Here is a link to the page explaining it fully.

During the first session the AtlasPROf® will explain the method, write the journal, diagnose your neck and perform the method. After that he/she will repeat the diagnosis and give you a time for the check-up. This normally takes about one hour.

During the second session you will have a discussion about your progress with your AtlasPROf®, followed by an evaluation of your neck and a short massage or some other complementary treatment.

This application is usually only done once and secures that the atlas will stay in its correct position unless there is an exceptional head or neck trauma after the procedure.

In case you don't find a person in our directory who claims to apply our method, you can assume that he or she is not authorized to do so. In doubt, we recommend to contact us for clarification. See also the section on copycats.

We are continuously doing studies and research to learn more about the importance of the Atlas. The Atlas is more than just a bone. Here is a growing list of studies done on AtlasPROfilax@ and its effectiveness.

The area of the cervical joints (atlantooccipital joint and atlantoaxial joint) consists of bones such as the occipital bone, the vertebrae atlas and axis (1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae), but also soft tissue such as the deep fascia, the suboccipital muscles, various ligaments and membranes, numerous important nerves, the extended brain stem, the carotid arteries and the vertebral arteries. This is unfortunately a little studied area compared to other parts of the human body.

The price varies a bit around the world due to several variables. The price level in each country is approved by the board of the IAQA. Here you can find a link to the official price list:

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